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‘North East Digital Directory’, This Site is Specially Designed for the North East People Search, North East Unemployed Search, North East Organization Search, North East Business Search, North East Educational Institutes Search, North East Website Search, North East Professional Search & North East Contact Number Search and to enter into the website you must be a paid User. You can contact for any query or questions
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Welcome to North East Digital Directory (NEDD)

Hello and welcome to North East Digital Directory! We're glad you've stopped by.

North East Digital Directory was designed to become North East's most accurate, usable local search engine and directory on your MOBILE. North East Digital Directory India is rapidly growing it's daily visitors and already has more than 50000 businesses listed with it. The original North East Digital Directory was launched in 2011 in Bangalore and although the initial version of North East Digital Directory was created by its founders, it has evolved many times since then through user feedback and contributions. Since we're constantly striving to make the site more usable and feature rich, odds are, tomorrow it will be different. North East Digital Directory India was launched because of how well the India’s Local Search Engine Sites connected businesses with customers and we know that businesses are always looking for new, great ways to connect with potential clients. North East Digital Directory India is owned and operated by sirf web solution, Bangalore. which is a privately owned Indian company.

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