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‘North East Digital Directory’, This Site is Specially Designed for the North East People Search, North East Unemployed Search, North East Organization Search, North East Business Search, North East Educational Institutes Search, North East Website Search, North East Professional Search & North East Contact Number Search and to enter into the website you must be a paid User. You can contact for any query or questions
FAQ"s / Help

1) What is the Executive program?
This is a program for anybody looking for an additional income and for those who wish to make it big as an entrepreneur.

2) Who can sign up?
Anyone who has the drive to make it big can sign up as Junior Marketing Executive. You may be already working, a student, a home-maker or a business man – this business is for all. Temporarily the Junior Marketing Executive Signup is Continue.

3) What is required of me?
Determination and hard work plus some dedicated time for this project and you should qualified with internet.

4) Shall I have to pay any money to join as a Executive and where should I pay?
Yes, there is a one time registration fee of Rs. 999/- ( Plus Service Tax ) to be paid to become a Executive of nedd if you want company’s identity card and joining letter or you have to pay one time registration fee of Rs. 199/- ( Plus Service Tax ) to be paid to become a Executive of nedd if you do not want company’s identity card and joining letter in initial stage, You can pay online by way of netbanking, credit card or Debit card. An Annual Service Charge of Rs.999/- or 199/- will be payable before the end of every 12 months of your Business, to continue for the next year. Temporarily the Executive Signup is Continue.

5) Why should I have to pay to become a Executive?This is a serious business opportunity. We want serious and committed people to take this up. We shall be providing Online training, support from dedicated Principal Coordinator to assist you in the business & other administrative support in conducting the business. Its like a small investment to starting a business.

6) How can I earn money?
You can earn money by Listing new and unique Business Information and by selling the various Advertisement packs of Nedd ( Kindly refer Q 20 ).

7) What can I earn from joining as a Executive?
You earn upto Rs 50/- for every unique data collected and entered by you in our Database. Also, for every business deal signed up by you with your own effort, you earn upto 33% of the Product Value on the initial registration amount and 20% monthly on the monthly Electronic Clearing System till such time your Client continues to pay to Nedd. In case your Principal Coordinator has helped you to close the Sale, then you earn 15% of the product value.

8) What details do I have to provide for data collection?
Effective 1st August '10 Nedd will pay you upto Rs 50/- for every complete unique data entered by you in our database based on the break up of pay out and details required.

Data base payment breakup - Effective 1st August 2010

9) What is meant by Unique data?
Any shop / establishment information which is not there in the Nedd records / website is an Unique Data for Nedd.
10) What is Geo Coded photograph?
A photograph that can map the business enterprise / shop / establishment exactly through GPS. Geo coding may be achieved when a Executive takes a photo through a GPS enabled camera or even phones like the Blackberry 9000 Series / Nokia C5 series and download into a PC / laptop which has the Viewing software installed.
11) How do I enter all the details in the right way ?
You can refer the Guidelines for data entry, a power point presentation which is already uploaded in the Download Center of the Executive website . The data entry page and the Client Signup module is very simple and user friendly, in case you find any difficulty to proceed please write to Click Here to Email Us or call 9706379716 / 9678895789
12) Can I earn money if I provide additional information on the existing data in Nedd? Yes, you can now provide additional information on the existing data of Nedd. (For more information, refer FAQs for Existing data)
13) What are the kind of businesses / Clients that I could think of including in notpaid listings or for selling the various Products of Nedd? Any students, unemployed, individuals, members, agents, car rental, rented house, organizations, employees, vehicle owners, colleges, institutes, ngos, clubs, tea factories, companies, showrooms, dealers, franchisees, drivers, vehicle owners, land owners, computer engineers, mobile engineers, mobile shop, furniture shops, transporters, jewelries, business establishment, shops, Consultants, local electrician, plumber, Police Stations, Government Offices, Schools, Play House, Day Care centres, Tuition teachers, Car mechanics, Scooter repairs, Doctors, Engineers, Contractors, Builders, Real Estate Developers, Brokers, Architects, Aluminium fabricators etc. the list can be endless for database and the same set of Clients can be prospected by you for advertising in Nedd with the various Products like Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Smartlisting or Packages as the case maybe depending on the kind of cities as applicable.
14) When will the data's entered by me be viewable on the Nedd website? Around 20% to 25% of the Data entered by you is taken at random and audited by our Auditing team. The auditing process takes place from the beginning of the subsequent month of entry for 40 days. Any time after the audit report is shared with the Executives and only if the data contributed by you is within the acceptable accuracy norms will the data be uploaded into the Nedd website. However kindly note, this is done at the discretion of Nedd.
15) What are the kind of data that will not be entertained or rejected by Nedd? Any category including Business listings which has incorrect information will be rejected. Any data / record which is submitted by a Executive that do not have any one of the following details like Name, Business Name, Address, Contact numbers or category details stands to get rejected. It is very important for a Executive to ensure every field is entered after thorough checks and validations.
16) Is there any proof to be provided to Nedd for authenticity of data? Yes, Nedd reserves the right to upload any data or reject any data. At any point of time Nedd and its Officers can ask for submission of proof like the photo identity proof of any individuals or the visiting card of the business establishment or shop / office or the incorporation certificate for a company or essential documents from organization/school/clubs & society to ensure that you have personally tried to take the information from the respective home / shop / office.
17) Why is Nedd particular about proof of any individual / business recorded by Executives into the database? Nedd since its inception has ensured that the data uploaded in the website is accurate and the information given to its customers are highly reliable. Nedd can confidently boast that over 95% of the data are accurate and this is because we ensure that the Individuals / shops / establishments recorded in the website are 100% existing while the entries are made in our records.
18) How is the accuracy of the data through Data Collection provided by me checked by Nedd?
Our Database team will take approximately 20% of the data (on a random basis) provided by the Executives and do a telecalling exercise to check the authenticity of data. The calls will be made directly to the number provided against each Business listing. Executive’s need to ensure that every data entered in every field in the Data Collection module need to be accurate, if an information in a field is wrong, then a negative amount equivalent to the value of the field will be negated from the overall commission based on the accuracy percentage of the batch. For example – if the field value for mobile number in case is accurate is Rs.5/-, in case the mobile number is incorrect the field value will be minus Rs.5/-.
19) What can be done with the Rejected data as claimed by Nedd? The rejected data will be uploaded back into your executive account as uploading accurate data is of utmost importance for Nedd and any inaccurate data does not help in servicing our Customers who call for information. The rejected data needs to be re-submitted by you within 60 days from the date of re-issuance of data to your Rejected Data folder. After 60 days in case of inaction from your end, this data will be removed from your Rejected Data folder so that anyone else who contributes similar data will have an opportunity to earn. In case of repeated instances of invalid records provided by a Executive, Nedd may take serious action against any such Executive.
20) What are the different types of products that can be sold by a Executives & what will be my earnings on selling such products? At Cities where Nedd offices / Chief Marketing Executives / Chief Area Representatives are present a Executive can sell the following products – Smartlisting Packages & other Premium Packages. Smartlisting package can be sold independently by a Executive; however, Premium packages can be sold with the assistance of the Senior Markiting executives / Chief Marketing Executives Chief Area Representatives of the Executive. At Cities where Nedd does not have its own offices, a Executive can sell Platinum, Diamond, Gold packages and also Packages 1, 2, 3 & 4. A tabular spreadsheet is enclosed below for clearer understanding:

21) Are there any taxes to be paid by the Clients of Nedd? Yes. The clients need to include a Service Tax of 10.30% on the pricing of any of the products purchased through a Executive or directly from Nedd representatives.
22) What are the benefits Advertising with Nedd? The Paid Listings have more visibility as these are available to more than 5000 users daily of Nedd on the website, and on the All North East Region phone search 9706379716 / 9678895789 The clients can upload catalogues of the products & services they offer on the website and thus be available to customers at the click of a button.
23) Who can sell or promote selling any of the Product packages to? Any Client or Business who is not on paid listing in the Nedd website is eligible to be prospected for selling any of our Advertisement packs.
24) How many days does it take for the Paid Advertisements of my Client to be listed in the Nedd website? It takes around 3 to 7 working days for the Listing to be viewed in the website provided your Client has submitted the signed Contract Form and the cheque / Demand Draft has cleared in the bank account of Nedd (if payment made by cheque or DD)
25) How do I know a Client or Business is not a paid advertiser in Nedd website ? All paid advertisers in website have either a yellow background for their Listing or NEDD verified or Nedd Guarantee seal or a tick mark next to their name of the Business.
26) Are the listings in the Nedd website without the NEDD verified and Nedd Guarantee seal notpaid listings? Yes, all the listings without the NEDD verified and Nedd Guarantee seal are notpaid listings.
27) How do I collect payments from the clients? You can sign up Clients / Advertisers for the various Product Packages using the payment gateway on our website, The clients can pay the one time registration charge online by:
a. Credit Card b. Debit Card c. Net banking d. Cheque or DD in the name of “sirf web solution” e. Direct payment to the Chief Area Representative. ( see the contact details on ) f. Direct Purchase from our NEDD Sales Account Executives. ( see the contact details on g. The clients can pay the monthly payments conveniently through Electronic Clearance Services (ECS) from their bank account.
28) What if my Client / Advertiser pays the yearly amount in one lump sum cheque / DD ? Yes, we can accept the payment for a year’s subscription, however you will be paid only 20% as commission for the entire transaction and not as explained earlier.
29) What is lump sum amount?

In case your Client does not want to choose for one time registration amount followed by ECS for certain packages whichever is applicable , he is free to pay the yearly amount applicable.

Example :
In case a Type A City Client choose to pay Lumpsum amount for 5 page static website designing with 50 MB web space, without logo, photo & video upload the amount payable will be – Rs.1999/- + ( Rs.499 x 12) =Rs.7987/- plus 10.3% Service Tax = Rs.8809.60

In case a Type A City Client choose to pay Lumpsum amount for 5 page Flash website designing with 100 MB web space, with logo, photo upload the amount payable will be – Rs.1999/- + ( Rs.999 x 12) =Rs.10387/- plus 10.3% Service Tax = Rs.13987.00

In case a Type A City Client choose to pay Lumpsum amount for 5 page dynamic & Database website designing with 1GB web space, with logo, photo, video & Database upload, the amount payable will be – Rs.1999/- + ( Rs.1999 x 12) =Rs.25987/- plus 10.3% Service Tax = Rs.28663.60

In case a Type B City Client choose to pay Lumpsum amount for 5 page static website designing with 50 MB web space, without logo, photo & video upload the amount payable will be – Rs.1999/- + ( Rs.499 x 12) =Rs.7987/- plus 10.3% Service Tax = Rs.9809.60

In case a Type B City Client choose to pay Lumpsum amount for 5 page Flash website designing with 100 MB web space, with logo, photo upload the amount payable will be – Rs.1999/- + ( Rs.999 x 12) =Rs.10387/- plus 10.3% Service Tax = Rs.14987.00

In case a Type B City Client choose to pay Lumpsum amount for 5 page dynamic & Database website designing with 1GB web space, with logo, photo, video & Database upload, the amount payable will be – Rs.1999/- + ( Rs.1999 x 12) =Rs.25987/- plus 10.3% Service Tax = Rs.29663.60

30) Are there any targets? No there are no targets for the Executives for commission but to get bonus there are always a monthly target. Executive’s earnings are commission based. Your earnings are directly linked to your efforts and Bonus are linked with the targets. The more clients you sign up & the more fresh data you collect & enter, the bonus you can earn.
31) How does the Company know my Bank account details? When you are joining as a Executive, the page will ask details of your Bank account number, Bank name, Address, IFS code etc. These details are collected to ensure smooth transfer of commissions to your account.
32) Is there a restriction on the area/city that I can work in? No. You can work anywhere in your state (areas must be provided in your account by the company).
33) Is paying through website safe? Yes. Our payment gateway is securely encrypted using a 128 bit SSL encryption.
34) How will I be paid? Your earnings will be transferred online to your Bank account when client paid by cheque or cash and you can deposit the collected amount after deducted the commission amount. When registering as a Executive, you will be asked to provide your Bank account details.
35) When will I be paid for my data contribution? Data entered by you in a calendar month, i.e. between the 1st and end of that month, is considered to be that month’s batch. For example, data entered between 1st to 31st December will be December’s batch. December’s data will be taken for auditing from the 1st of January and the audit is completed in 40 days’ time. Once the audit is finished, you will receive an audit report summary on email and all eligible executives, whose data has qualified for payment, will be paid the commission earned by them.We will transfer the commission to your bank account if the amount is more than Rs 100, else the commission will be kept accrued, to be transferred once the commission amount crosses Rs 100.
36) Where can I work? You can work from the comfort of your home or your existing establishment.
37) Do I need to open an office? No. You would not be required to invest in infrastructure.
38) Can I work along with a regular job? Yes. The Executives model invites people from across categories who have the determination and the drive to earn money. You can be a student, a housewife or a working professional looking for additional sources of income.
39) Do I have to work on my own or can I have employees? Executives project is all about earning additional income. We leave it to you to decide to what extent you want to expand. There is no limit in the method to grow in this business.
40) What help will Nedd provide? Nedd will provide:
a. Online Training modules to help equip you with the product knowledge.
b. Downloads to help you sell better.
c. Through chatting NEDD will help you on
d. A virtual office for all transactions through our website,
41) What qualifications are required of me to be a Executive? There are no qualification requirements for JME – Junior Marketing Executive. HSLC Passed male / female is required for SME – Senior Marketing Executive. Graduates male / female is required for CME – Chief Marketing Executive. Graduates male / female is also required for CAR – Chief Area Representative. However, you have to be legally eligible to work, i.e. over 18 years of age.
42) How do I close my Executive login ID after completing my entries etc? It is always RECOMMENDED to close the Executive page by clicking on logoff. Do not close the screen straightaway, on doing so you are not following the right procedure and your session will be live.
43) What do I do if I forget my password of my Executive Account? All that you have to do is click on forgot password. The system will ask you to type your registered email ID. and say Submit. Instantly a new password will be sent to your email ID. This is an automated process.
44) Whom do I contact if I have more doubts? You need to contact your Senior Marketing Executive, Chief Marketing Executive or Chef Area Representative who helped you to join as a Junior Marketing Executive, for any business needs , in case of any technical issues or any support on the business, you can also write to us on Click Here to Email Us
45) What kind of photos are accepted by Nedd for Uploading through data entry? 1. Photos of the Business Frontage/Front view with the Signboard. 2. Photos from the Inside of the store or enterprise with relevant products sold in the establishment. 3. Or Photos of the establishment accompanied with logo Please go through the Specifications for Photo Upload section in the Download Centre of your Executive module for more information…
46) What are reasons for Nedd to reject my photos uploaded into the website? 1. Only the photograph of the company logo is uploaded 2. Same images for two companies will not be approved 3. No objectionable content to be included as a photo/image 4. Note, blurred or bad quality images will not be accepted 5. Only a view of signboard will not be accepted 6. If you are uploading only the photo of the owner of the establishment.
47) I am not able to get geo coded information of a photo within a Mall or complex, how do I attach geo-coded photograph? If an establishment / shop, is located inside a shopping mall a photograph clicked with a GPS Camera may not display appropriate geo co-ordinates or not display geo co-ordinates at all, in such a case take one photograph of the shop plus take one additional photo of the shopping mall from outside too, to get appropriate geo co-ordinates.
48) Why should I provide PAN card number to Nedd? We deduct TDS @ 10% on every consideration payable to Executives. TDS deducted are deposited in to Government account the subsequent month. TDS Certificates is issued at the end of the financial year. But in order to avail the Tax benefit from the government it is necessary that each Executive provides their valid PAN card number. In the absence of which , the system will neither generate form 16 nor they can avail the credit for the amount deducted while filing their Income tax return.
49) What will happen if I do not provide PAN number to Nedd? As per Income Tax notification it is mandatory to provide PAN Card. If the same is not provided by the deductee , the rate of TDS will be 20 % w.e.f. 1.04.2010
50) How do I enter the PAN details in the Bank Details Page? Please click on Bank Details page , you will be able to see details where we have asked for Bank details and PAN card details. You will find a button called Edit details, on clicking on this you will be able to update the PAN card details and your Bank Details.
51) How does a IFSC code look like? The IFSC code is shown top left bottom line of the cheque . IFSC code is a 11 digit alpha - numeric code found on all Bank cheques. If you do not find the IFSC code on your cheque, please verify the same from your Bank.

52) What if I do not provide the IFSC code of my Bank? For successful transfer of payables to your Bank Account, the IFSC code is a mandatory requirement. In the absence of the IFSC code and if only the Bank account number and Name is given, the consideration payable will not be transferred to your Bank account via Bank transfer. Top
53) What if I do not give Bank details / PAN card details to Nedd? Refer Question 49 & 52 Top
54) If I have not given the Bank Details or if my Bank account number or IFSC code is wrong, will NEDD send my commission by Cheque to my address? From the month of April, if a Executive is eligible to get commissions and if he has not updated the Bank Details in the Executive ID, and if the amount crosses Rs. 1000/-, the amount receivables will be sent by Cheque to the address registered with us at the time of joining and a Cheque Handling charge of Rs.100/- will be debited from his payout.

1) Can I edit existing data of Nedd? A: Yes, you can now edit the existing data of Nedd.
2) How do I identify an existing data?
A: There are two ways by which an existing data can be identified:
i. When you try to enter data in the data collection module, the system identifies data as existing if the numbers match an existing contract either in the Nedd database or as entered by a Executive which is pending audit.
ii. You can search by a company’s name on the Nedd website and by searching by the company’s number in the advanced search option.
3) How do I edit an existing data?
A: Once you feed the details in the Data collection module and the data shows up as existing, you can edit those contracts which have an hyperlink, i.e. they can be opened for editing. These are the data that already exist on the Nedd database. If there are no hyperlinks to open the existing data, you will not be able to edit this particular data. This may have been entered by a Executive, pending audit and therefore these data cannot be edited.
4) What details can I add to existing data?
A: You can add the missing fields in a company whose data is already with Nedd and we will pay you for the blank fields that you have populated or incorrect details that have been corrected by you according to the value of that particular field.
For example: If you have identified that Company ABC Ltd has only a landline number and you are providing a mobile number for the company, we will verify if the mobile number is correct and belongs to this company and upon successful audit for this detail filled by you, you will earn Rs 5 which is the field value of Mobile numbers. You can also add Geo Coded photographs for these existing data and you will be paid for these photos upon approval.

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